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Trusted by global fashion brands

A full range of fashion-specific translation and creative solutions to effectively deliver your brand into new markets

Specialists in translation for fashion brands

For a brand to become truly global, its voice and message must be consistent.

This doesn’t mean translating content word-for-word. Every market is different, so your content needs to be engaging in order to resonate with your target markets.

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Making language fashionable

For Codex, the key to working with you in this fast paced industry isn’t just knowing your audience and the language, it’s also in understanding your brand and products. Whether you’re producing web or e-commerce content, digital marketing materials, terms & conditions, or any other content, you need to know it’s being understood.

Codex’s expert linguists provide fast and accurate Transcreation, Translation, Proofreading and Editing services.

Our linguists have relevant experience in the fashion and retail industry, and we tailor your dedicated team to accommodate any volume or combination of services in almost all language combinations.

Every linguist working on your content is trained on your brand guidelines to make sure that we always meet the expected style, terminology and tone of voice for each of your markets.

Combined with the latest quality assurance tools and technology, our team ensures the quality of your content remains high in every language.

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