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Trusted for Electronics and Audio

Translation & transcreation solutions to deliver on-brand content that engages with your target audiences.

Specialists in translation for electronics and audio

We work with linguists and creatives who have a deep understanding of your industry to ensure that your message resonates with your target audience across all markets.

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Let your brand do the talking

Clear messaging is important for brands in any industry, particularly so for those in electronics. It is what lets you quickly and clearly communicate the benefits of your product to the customer. For audio and other electronic devices though, with extensive technical specifications and functions to explain, this can often be a challenge.

Codex understands these issues and works closely with our clients and resources to tackle them head on, providing clear translations of your detailed content such as technical manuals, software, legal documents and more.

For less technical, more emotive marketing content we offer transcreation services. These creative translations help your ads, apps or other content to reach your audience in a more natural and engaging way, all without losing your brand essence.

For all the content we produce, we ensure your brand style is maintained in every language, delivering consistency at every level. We can even deliver print-ready artwork in any language for your marketing and catalogues thanks to our DTP/typesetting team.

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