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Multilingual Artworking

Sometimes words are only half the story. Artwork can say just as much as words, and the two have to work together for your message to be delivered successfully.

See the bigger picture

You often have to look past the words to ensure your core message is being delivered as intended into another language. Other countries and cultures may use different alphabets and writing systems, but they also have different perspectives of the world.

Codex’s desktop publishing (DTP) and typesetting specialists work with your designs in any format: Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, HTML, etc. We’ll ensure your translated artwork looks consistent with the original source but is also relevant for the target audience.

This is particularly important for languages with visually different writing systems, like Arabic which reads from right to left. Challenges like this require a restructure of the artwork and how it is laid out, ensuring your brochures, catalogues, email artwork, manuals, etc. keep their impact, identity and message wherever they appear in the world.

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