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Trusted by Multichannel Retailers

At Codex, we create individual workflows to your specific requirements. With full API integration between your CMS and Codex.

Specialists in translation across all retail channels

There’s a whole world of consumers out there and they’re on the move. Speaking their language allows you to engage with new markets across multiple platforms.

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Making e-commerce global

In today’s market, simply translating your website isn’t enough – you need to be able to talk to your customers wherever they are in the world.

Mobile commerce, according to Forbes, is set to take 50% of all digital revenue in 2017. Which means you’ll need to be ready, no matter where your market is.

But now that there are so many channels for customers to use, that’s where we come in and provide the necessary solutions.

We completely immerse ourselves and our resources in your brand’s tone of voice, style and specific terminology. This level of training minimises turnaround times, successfully meeting your particular SLAs.

To do this we create individual workflows to your specific requirements, including full API integration between Codex and your platform. Being familiar with the e-commerce requirements of your industry, our team will know exactly how we can help.

Our e-commerce service also fully integrates with your online marketplaces, translating content for any third party retailers as well.

Additionally, we can also provide transcreation services to make sure that your content is always engaging with your international target markets, sounding as natural as possible for use in each country.

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Codex Global Services for e-commerce and m-commerce

We offer a range of complimentary services designed to support the specific needs of the e-commerce and m-commerce industries.