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Linguist Selection

When choosing a linguist, you need to know that they are right for the job.

All of our linguists have to meet some of the toughest entry requirements in the industry, ensuring they provide the quality work we expect—every time.

Translation planning

Our vetting process ensures that our entry requirements meet the high-quality standard of ISO 17100 and adhere to our  ISO 9001 certification.

But it doesn’t end there. We constantly monitor the performance of each of our linguists, reviewing the work they do to ensure quality and consistency.

For all your work with Codex, you will be assigned a dedicated team of linguists tailored to your needs. This team will be trained and tested on the specifics of your business, products, and services, and will bring relevant local language, market and sector experience to each project.

Do you have a specific requirement? Please call your nearest office.


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