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Interpreting Services

Interpreting is about accurately convey every aspect of speech. Our experienced interpreters retain the nuance, emphasis, context and intent that isn’t always present in the words themselves.

Remove barriers, not meaning

Codex’s interpreters not only deliver words into another language, they also deliver their core meaning by listening, analysing and communicating effectively between your required languages. We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in over 150 languages.




Simultaneous (or real-time) interpreting offers you the ability to understand words as they are being said. Usually through the use of headphones, our interpreter listens and communicates the message into the required language almost immediately.

Consecutive (or time-delayed) interpreting offers you a more traditional and intricate service, where our linguists interpret words as they are spoken but reproduce them into the required language at designated pauses.

Each service offers very different benefits: the linear approach of Consecutive is more time-consuming but more personal and precise, while the real-time burst of information from Simultaneous offers speed and scalability for larger events.

Codex will help you understand which service is best suited to your needs, and how to make the most of each of these services. From product launches and conferences to court hearings and board meetings, we’re there to support you in any language.

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