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Engaging with our suppliers

By admin | October 3, 2016 | Categories:

At Codex Global, we maintain the approach that our suppliers are as important as our clients. It is no secret that the LSP (Language Service Provider) business model relies on a network of freelance linguists with whom our project managers liaise on a task by task basis. Our linguists translate, localise, transcreate, typeset and proofread our clients content as such, we recognise that our team of linguists is one of the businesses primary assets.

Here are some of the ways we engage with our linguists to ensure that working with Codex Global is a positive experience:

1. Vendor Management

We have a dedicated team who work with our linguists full time, they are responsible for registering new linguists, which involves linguistic testing, sector expertise categorisation, a security review, robust confidentiality procedures and familiarisation with the Codex Global workflows.

2. Technology

Embracing and developing new software is vital for the future of our sector and our linguists are at the coalface when it comes to trends and developments, so we engage and listen to our linguists on this subject in order to ensure their working environment is as efficient as it can be.

3. Codex Forums

On large projects where teams of linguists are working on the same task, we have created a bespoke collaborative environment where our team can securely generate feedback, update style guides/glossaries and ask questions about terminology to the lead linguists. This is great for our teams and it ensures consistent and quality translations for our customers.

4. Codex Portal

As well as being an intuitive facility for your customers, every linguist that works with Codex Global, is granted access to our TMS (Translation Management System) where they can review their own profile, customise settings, view their current activities, download the and deliver projects, generate reports and complete their invoicing with just a couple of quick clicks! This enhances our collaboration with our linguists and facilitates the communication and makes their experience smooth.

In line with our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation we recently completed our regular supplier feedback engagement with our linguists and the response we have had is very positive. At Codex Global, we strive to be a great place to work and a great company to translate for. Our linguists have rated us on www.proz.com at 4.9 out of 5 and this makes us proud – many thanks to all our partners!

Rupert Foster


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